Operator Community Panel Overview

How do I become a member?

To become a member of Technomic’s Operator Community Panel, click "Register”. You will be prompted to answer information about your operation during your account creation, as well as some more in-depth information about your organization in order to participate in our surveys. After you register we will send you a confirmation email in order to finalize your registration. You must click the link in this email to confirm your registration and in order to participate in surveys. In order to register you must provide a unique and valid work email address and password. Otherwise, we reserve the right to verify non-work email addresses.


How do I access surveys?

Surveys can be accessed through the “Available Surveys” tab on the Operator Community Panel or via an invitation sent to your inbox.

How long does it take to complete a survey?

Surveys can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to complete, if you qualify.

I have answered several questions, but I did not qualify for the entire survey. Why?

Some surveys will require a very specific set of qualifications. To determine who qualifies for a survey can take just a few questions other times, it may take more questions.

What kind of surveys will I be given?

Surveys are created by Technomic for the purpose of obtaining valued insights for manufacturers that help shape how they develop, market and distribute their products and services.

What do I do if I have technical difficulties with a survey?

If you encounter a technical problem with a survey wait a while, then try again later, the problem should go away. If you are still seeing an error after waiting a while, please report it to us here.

How many points will I earn for my participation?

Most surveys are worth 5 to 20 points (depending on its length). On occasion, some special surveys could be awarded higher rewards points.

Quick Polls

What are quick polls?

Quick polls are single questions that panel members can vote on and see statistics updated in real time. Topics continually change to provide operators with ongoing opportunities to chime in on important industry matters.

Discussions Forum

What are discussions forums?

Discussion forums are online bulletin boards that allow operators to engage in a dialogue with their peers on industry trends and issues. A topic will be presented to community members who can see and respond to other members once they answer the question.

Refer a member

How do I refer a member to join Operator Community Panel?

From Earn tab, select "Refer a member", and enter their email address to share the registration link. If you choose to use our referral service to tell a peer about our site, we will ask you for your peer name and email address. You should ensure that your peer has given their permission to pass their email address to us before doing so. We will then send your peer a one-time email inviting them to visit our site.

How many points will I earn for inviting a friend?

For every new eligible member that you refer you will receive 10 points, once your peer completes their registration to join the Operator Community Panel.

Rewards points

What are reward points?

Rewards are received in the form of points that are redeemable for a variety of products, from Technomic-driven industry newsletters and reports to gift certificates. Points are also rewarded for simple acts like joining the panel or referring industry peers to join.

I am a NEW member; how can I redeem my reward points?

When you register for the Operator Community Panel you will receive 5 points for registering. Once you have earned at least 25 points, you may redeem your points for rewards, such as gift certificates for or industry publications.

How do I redeem gift certificates?

To redeem your gift certificate, follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. Add items to your Shopping Cart and click the "Proceed to Checkout" button

(sorry, you cannot redeem your gift certificate using our 1-Click® service.).

3. When prompted to select a payment method, enter your gift certificate claim code in the field provided on the order form.

4. You must pay for any remaining balance on your order with a credit card.

If you have questions about redeeming your gift certificate, please visit

My profile

How can I change my email address and password?

Login, then from My Account tab at the top of the page, click “My Account”. Update the profile information with new email address and/or password and click “Submit”.

How can I cancel my account?

At the bottom of the page you will see the "Unsubscribe" link. By clicking on this link, you will completely cancel your account. Please note that the final termination of your account may take up to one week, during which time you may still receive emails from Operator Community Panel. Before you cancel your account, make sure you redeem your outstanding reward points. Once you cancel your account, you will no longer have access to the Redeem page.

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1. Click on the Addresses tab in the upper right corner of the Mailbox window.

2. Click on the New drop-down menu and select New Contact.

3. Type the email address of the new contact in the Screen Name field and click the Save button.


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4. A confirmation message will be displayed above the email.


1. From the mail screen, click on the Address Book tab.

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3. Click Quick Add.

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Yahoo! Mail

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